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Top 3 latest added publications
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Conference paper
Petteri Alinikula, Juha-Lasse Latikka, Jussi Paanajarvi.
Gaming for Good Changing the Game for Corporate Sustainability.
ICT for Sustainability 2014 (ICT4S-14), Stockholm, Sweden, August 25, 2014. 2014 (0) 2014
Conference paper
Martin Saska, Vojtech Vonásek, Tomás Krajník, Libor Preucil.
Coordination and navigation of heterogeneous MAV-UGV formations localized by a 'hawk-eye'-like approach under a model predictive control scheme.
I. J. Robotic Res. 2014, Volume 33 (0) 2014
Conference paper
Fabian Lorig, Ingo J. Timm.
How to model the "human factor" for agent-based simulation in social media analysis?: work in progress paper.
Proceedings of the Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium, part of the 2014 Spring Simulation Multiconference, SpringSim '14, Tampa, FL, USA, April 13-16, 2014 2014 (0) 2014

Top 3 latest discussed publications
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Conference paper
Isaiah Pinchas Kantorovitz.
Lexical analysis tool.
SIGPLAN Notices 2004, Volume 39 (1)
Conference paper
Ercan Ucan, Timothy Roscoe.
Establishing Efficient Routes between Personal Clouds.
Networked Systems - First International Conference, NETYS 2013, Marrakech, Morocco, May 2-4, 2013, Revised Selected Papers 2013 (0)
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Conference paper
Suleyman Kondakci.
Intelligent network security assessment with modeling and analysis of attack patterns.
Security and Communication Networks 2012, Volume 5 (0)
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Top 3 latest rated publications
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Journal article
S. A. Abid, Mazliza Othman, Nadir Shah.
3D P2P overlay over MANETs.
Computer Networks 2014, Volume 64 (1) 2014
Conference paper
S. A. Abid, Mazliza Othman, Nadir Shah.
Exploiting 3D Structure for Scalable Routing in MANETs.
IEEE Communications Letters 2013, Volume 17 (1) 2013
Conference paper
Rajani Kumari, Sandeep Kumar, Vivek Kumar Sharma.
Air Conditioning System with Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving, SocProS 2012, December 28-30, 2012, JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), Jaipur, India 2014 (1) 2012

Top 3 best rated publications
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Conference paper
Marios Hadjieleftheriou, Nick Koudas, Divesh Srivastava.
Incremental Maintenance of Length Normalized Indexes for Approximate String Matching
ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD 2009, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, June 29 - July 2, 2009 2009, Research (5) 2009
Conference paper
Khosrow Maleknejad, Elham Hashemizadeh, Behrooz Basirat.
Numerical Solvability of Hammerstein Integral Equations Based on Hybrid Legendre and Block-Pulse Functions.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, PDPTA 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, July 12-15, 2010, 2 Volumes 2010 (3) 2010
Nazar Zaki.
Protein-protein interaction based on pairwise similarity
United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain (3) 2009

Top 3 latest conferences
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Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning In conjunction with the 9th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Open Learning and Teaching in Educational Communities, ARTEL@EC-TEL 2014, Graz, Au 2014
MobiWac'14, Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access, Montreal, QC, Canada, September 21-26, 2014 2014
Proceedings of the 15th Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science, Perugia, Italy, September 17-19, 2014. 2014