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    First name: Frédéric
    Last name: Dugardin
    DBLP: 02/8019
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    Conference paper
    Xixi Wang, Farouk Yalaoui, Frédéric Dugardin.
    Genetic algorithms hybridized with the self controlling dominance to solve a multi-objective resource constraint project scheduling problem.
    2017 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics (SOLI), Bari, Italy, September 18-20, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Mohamed Afilal, Farouk Yalaoui, Frédéric Dugardin, Lionel Amodeo, David Laplanche, Philippe Blua.
    Forecasting the Emergency Department Patients Flow.
    J. Medical Systems 2016, Volume 40 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Frédéric Dugardin, Farouk Yalaoui, Lionel Amodeo.
    Hybrid Multi-Objective Methods to Solve Reentrant Shops.
    IJAL 2012, Volume 3 (0) 2012
    Book chapter
    Naim Yalaoui, Frédéric Dugardin, Farouk Yalaoui, Lionel Amodeo, Halim Mahdi.
    Fuzzy Project Scheduling.
    Production Engineering and Management under Fuzziness 2010, Volume 252 (0) 2010
    Journal article
    Frédéric Dugardin, Farouk Yalaoui, Lionel Amodeo.
    New multi-objective method to solve reentrant hybrid flow shop scheduling problem.
    European Journal of Operational Research 2010, Volume 203 (0) 2010
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