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    First name: Iosu
    Last name: Arizkuren
    DBLP: 07/4857
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    Conference paper
    Maria del Puy Carretero, David Oyarzun, Amalia Ortiz, Iosu Arizkuren, Raul Navas, Alejandro García-Alonso.
    Preserving Avatar Genuineness in Different Display Media.
    MONET 2008, Volume 13 (0) 2008
    Conference paper
    Aitor Moreno, Carlos Toro 0001, Iosu Arizkuren, Alvaro Segura, Jorge Posada, Marcelino Novo, Juanjo Falcón, Nieves Alcaín.
    A geometric representation for the real-time simulation of NC machining processes.
    GRAPP 2006: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, Setúbal, Portugal, February 25-28, 2006 2006 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Alvaro Segura, Iosu Arizkuren, Iñaki Aranburu, Iñaki Telleria.
    High quality parametric visual product configuration systems over the web.
    Proceeding of the Tenth International Conference on 3D Web Technology, Web3D 2005, Bangor, UK, March 29 - April 1, 2005 2005 (0) 2005
    Conference paper
    Iker Aizpurua, Amalia Ortiz, David Oyarzun, Iosu Arizkuren, Ana C. Andrés, Jorge Posada, Ido Iurgel.
    Adaptation of Mesh Morphing Techniques for Avatars Used in Web Applications.
    Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects, Third International Workshop, AMDO 2004, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 22-24, 2004, Proceedings 2004 (0) 2004
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