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    First name: Weiduan
    Last name: Feng
    DBLP: 11/8048
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    Journal article
    Yongtao Wang, Xiaonan Liu, Lulu Liang, Weiduan Feng, Guang Yang.
    Mitigating Key Escrow in Attribute-Based Encryption.
    I. J. Network Security 2015, Volume 17 (0) 2015
    Journal article
    Jun Zhang, Weiduan Feng.
    On L-functions of certain exponential sums.
    Finite Fields and Their Applications 2014, Volume 26 (0) 2014
    Journal article
    Lulu Liang, Xiaonan Liu, Yongtao Wang, Weiduan Feng, Guang Yang.
    SW-MAC: A Low-Latency MAC Protocol with Adaptive Sleeping for Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Wireless Personal Communications 2014, Volume 77 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Weiduan Feng, Shaofang Hong, Jianrong Zhao.
    Divisibility properties of power LCM matrices by power GCD matrices on gcd-closed sets.
    Discrete Mathematics 2009, Volume 309 (0) 2009
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