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    First name: Miaona
    Last name: Huang
    DBLP: 145/7969
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    Journal article
    Miaona Huang, Jun Chen.
    A conflict avoidance scheme between mobility load balancing and mobility robustness optimization in self-organizing networks.
    Wireless Networks 2018, Volume 24 (0) 2018
    Conference paper
    Jun Chen, Zezhou Luo, Hongcheng Zhuang, Miaona Huang.
    Energy-Aware Design for MIMO-OFDM Network with Realistic Interference Model.
    IEEE 84th Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC Fall 2016, Montreal, QC, Canada, September 18-21, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Jun Chen, Suili Feng, Miaona Huang, Yuan Liu, Feng Ke.
    Outage Analysis of Distributed Antenna System with Delayed CSI and Unequal-Power Cochannel Interferers.
    IEEE Communications Letters 2014, Volume 18 (0) 2014
    Journal article
    Miaona Huang, Suili Feng, Jun Chen.
    A Practical Approach for Load Balancing in LTE Networks.
    JCM 2014, Volume 9 (0) 2014
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