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    First name: Lianjie
    Last name: Qin
    DBLP: 153/6524
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    Journal article
    Wei Xu, Yunjia Ma, Xiujuan Zhao, Ying Li, Lianjie Qin, Juan Du.
    A comparison of scenario-based hybrid bilevel and multi-objective location-allocation models for earthquake emergency shelters: a case study in the central area of Beijing, China.
    International Journal of Geographical Information Science 2018, Volume 32 (0) 2018
    Conference paper
    Lianjie Qin, Wei Wu, Yugang Tian, Wei Xu.
    LiDAR Filtering of Urban Areas With Region Growing Based on Moving-Window Weighted Iterative Least-Squares Fitting.
    IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 2017, Volume 14 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Peiyi Shen, Liang Zhang, Juan Song, Hu Xu, Lianjie Qin, Wei Wei, Wenzheng Zhang, Bin Leng, Mengqi Zeng.
    A Near-Infrared Face Detection and Recognition System Using ASM and PCA+LDA.
    JNW 2014, Volume 9 (0) 2014
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