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    First name: Yuyun
    Last name: Huang
    DBLP: 165/4867
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    Conference paper
    Emer Gilmartin, Marine Collery, Ketong Su, Yuyun Huang, Christy Elias, Benjamin R. Cowan, Nick Campbell 0001.
    Social talk: making conversation with people and machine.
    Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Investigating Social Interactions with Artificial Agents, ISIAA@ICMI 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom, November 13, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yuyun Huang, Emer Gilmartin, Benjamin R. Cowan, Nick Campbell 0001.
    A Preliminary Exploration of Group Social Engagement Level Recognition in Multiparty Casual Conversation.
    Speech and Computer - 18th International Conference, SPECOM 2016, Budapest, Hungary, August 23-27, 2016, Proceedings 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Yuyun Huang, Emer Gilmartin, Nick Campbell 0001.
    Conversational Engagement Recognition Using Auditory and Visual Cues.
    Interspeech 2016, 17th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, San Francisco, CA, USA, September 8-12, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Yuyun Huang, Christy Elias, João P. Cabral, Atul Nautiyal, Christian Saam, Nick Campbell 0001.
    Towards Classification of Engagement in Human Interaction with Talking Robots.
    HCI International 2015 - Posters' Extended Abstracts - International Conference, HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015. Proceedings, Part I 2015 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Noor Alhusna Madzlan, Yuyun Huang, Nick Campbell 0001.
    Automatic Classification and Prediction of Attitudes: Audio - Visual Analysis of Video Blogs.
    Speech and Computer - 17th International Conference, SPECOM 2015, Athens, Greece, September 20-24, 2015, Proceedings 2015 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    João P. Cabral, Yuyun Huang, Christy Elias, Ketong Su, Nick Campbell 0001.
    Interface for monitoring of engagement from audio-visual cues.
    Auditory-Visual Speech Processing, AVSP 2015, Vienna, Austria, September 11-13, 2015 2015 (0) 2015
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