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    First name: Koji
    Last name: Tanida
    DBLP: 21/7134
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    Conference paper
    Kenji Funahashi, Daisuke Kubotani, Yuji Iwahori, Koji Tanida.
    Virtual Scissors in a Thin Haptic and Force Feedback Environment.
    JACIII 2009, Volume 13 (0) 2009
    Journal article
    Koji Tanida, Ernst Pöppel.
    A hierarchical model of operational anticipation windows in driving an automobile.
    Cognitive Processing 2006, Volume 7 (0) 2006
    Journal article
    Koji Tanida, Masao Mutaguchi, Yuji Koike, Tamotsu Murata, Takuji Kobori, Koji Ishii, Yasuo Takenaka, Tomohiko Arita.
    Development of V-Shaped Hybrid Mass Damper and its Application to a High-Rise Building.
    JRM 1994, Volume 6 (0) 1994
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