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    First name: Luming
    Last name: Liang
    DBLP: 46/6624
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    Conference paper
    Mingqiang Wei, Luming Liang, Wai-Man Pang, Jun Wang, Weishi Li, Huisi Wu.
    Tensor Voting Guided Mesh Denoising.
    IEEE Trans. Automation Science and Engineering 2017, Volume 14 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Wei Chen, Luming Liang, Yuelong Zhao, Shu Chen.
    Three-dimensional object tracking based on perspective scale invariant feature transform correspondences.
    J. Electronic Imaging 2017, Volume 26 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Luming Liang, Mingqiang Wei, Andrzej Szymczak, Wai-Man Pang, Meng Wang.
    Spin Contour.
    IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2016, Volume 18 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Shu Chen, Luming Liang, Wenzhang Liang, Hassan Foroosh.
    3D Pose Tracking With Multitemplate Warping and SIFT Correspondences.
    IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. 2016, Volume 26 (0) 2016
    Journal article
    Luming Liang, Andrzej Szymczak, Mingqiang Wei.
    Geodesic spin contour for partial near-isometric matching.
    Computers Graphics 2015, Volume 46 (0) 2015
    Journal article
    Luming Liang, Huanxi Zhao.
    The generation of circular arcs and conics by subdivision via averaging normal vectors.
    Int. J. Comput. Math. 2010, Volume 87 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Huanxi Zhao, Xia Qiu, Luming Liang, Chuan Sun, Beiji Zou.
    Curvature normal vector driven interpolatory subdivision.
    IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, SMI 2009, Beijing, China, 26-28 June 2009 2009 (0) 2009
    Journal article
    Luming Liang.
    Image Interpolation by Blending Kernels.
    IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 2008, Volume 15 (0) 2008
    Conference paper
    Luming Liang, Huanxi Zhao, Beiji Zou.
    A note on the paper "Normal based subdivision scheme for curve design" by Xunnian Yang.
    Computer Aided Geometric Design 2008, Volume 25 (0) 2008
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