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    First name: Mira
    Last name: Hercigonja-Szekeres
    DBLP: 65/7332
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    Conference paper
    Kristina Kralik, Aleksandar Erceg, Vesna Ilakovac, Kresimir Solic, Mira Hercigonja-Szekeres.
    Health care professionals and the privacy policy.
    Digital Healthcare Empowering Europeans - Proceedings of MIE2015, Madrid Spain, 27-29 May, 2015 2015 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Mira Hercigonja-Szekeres, Mario Somek, Snjezana Cukljek, Boris Ilic.
    Documenting the Health Care Processes in the Intensive Care Unit.
    e-Health - For Continuity of Care - Proceedings of MIE2014, the 25th European Medical Informatics Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, August 31 - September 3, 2014 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Simon de Lusignan, Peeter Ross, Michael A. Shifrin, Mira Hercigonja-Szekeres, Brigitte Séroussi.
    A Comparison of Approaches to Providing Patients Access to Summary Care Records Across Old and New Europe: An Exploration of Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation.
    MEDINFO 2013 - Proceedings of the 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, 20-13 August 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark 2013 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Mira Hercigonja-Szekeres, Darko Marinovic, Josipa Kern.
    Computer Laboratory in Medical Education for Medical Students.
    Medical Informatics in a United and Healthy Europe - Proceedings of MIE 2009, The XXIInd International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Agust 30 - September 2, 2009 2009 (0) 2009
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