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    First name: Ying
    Last name: Cui
    DBLP: 67/5781
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    Conference paper
    Ying Cui, Dongdong Jiang.
    Analysis and Optimization of Caching and Multicasting in Large-Scale Cache-Enabled Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
    IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 2017, Volume 16 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Wanli Wen, Ying Cui, Fu-Chun Zheng, Shi Jin, Yanxiang Jiang.
    Random Caching Based Cooperative Transmission in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Kaifeng Han, Kaibin Huang, Ying Cui, Yueping Wu.
    The Connectivity of Millimeter-Wave Networks in Urban Environments Modeled Using Random Lattices.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Jifang Xing, Ying Cui, Vincent K. N. Lau.
    Temporal-Spatial Aggregation for Cache-Enabled Wireless Multicasting Networks with Asynchronous Content Requests.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yaping Sun, Ying Cui, Hui Liu.
    Joint Pushing and Caching for Bandwidth Utilization Maximization in Wireless Networks.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Dongyan Guo, Jingsong Xu, Jian Zhang, Min Xu, Ying Cui, Xiangjian He.
    User relationship strength modeling for friend recommendation on Instagram.
    Neurocomputing 2017, Volume 239 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Jingjing Luo, Jinbei Zhang, Ying Cui, Li Yu, Xinbing Wang.
    Asymptotic Analysis on Content Placement and Retrieval in MANETs.
    IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 2017, Volume 25 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Ying Cui, Chao Zhang, Meng Cai.
    Prediction and feature analysis of intron retention events in plant genome.
    Computational Biology and Chemistry 2017, Volume 68 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Zitian Wang, Zhehan Cao, Ying Cui, Yang Yang.
    Joint and Competitive Caching Designs in Large-Scale Multi-Tier Wireless Multicasting Networks.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Ying Cui, Yurong Liu, Wenbing Zhang, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi.
    Sampled-data state estimation for a class of delayed complex networks via intermittent transmission.
    Neurocomputing 2017, Volume 260 (0) 2017
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