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    First name: Xin
    Last name: Jin
    DBLP: 68/3340
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    Journal article
    Xin Jin, Jie Wang, Tianshu Chu, Jinghua Xia.
    Knowledge source strategy and enterprise innovation performance: dynamic analysis based on machine learning.
    Techn. Analysis Strat. Manag. 2018, Volume 30 (0) 2018
    Conference paper
    Haiqiang Wang, Ioannis Katsavounidis, Jiantong Zhou, Jeong-Hoon Park, Shawmin Lei, Xin Zhou, Man-On Pun, Xin Jin, Ronggang Wang, Xu Wang, Yun Zhang, Jiwu Huang, Sam Kwong, C.-C. Jay Kuo.
    VideoSet: A Large-Scale Compressed Video Quality Dataset Based on JND Measurement.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xin Jin, Peng Yuan, Xiaodong Li, Chenggen Song, Shiming Ge, Geng Zhao, Yingya Chen.
    Efficient Privacy Preserving Viola-Jones Type Object Detection via Random Base Image Representation.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yan Fang, Xin Jin, Chencan Huang, Zhijing Zhang.
    Entropy-Based Method for Evaluating Contact Strain-Energy Distribution for Assembly Accuracy Prediction.
    Entropy 2017, Volume 19 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Jie Wang, Changwei Shen, Na Liu, Xin Jin, Xueshan Fan, Caixia Dong, Yangchun Xu.
    Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Leaf Nitrogen Concentration by In-Field Visible/Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Pear Orchards.
    Sensors 2017, Volume 17 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xin Jin, Qun Wang, Waheed Q. Khan, Zhang H. Tang, Xiao M. Yao.
    Analytical computation of distributed capacitance for NFC coil antenna.
    IEICE Electronic Express 2017, Volume 14 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xun Tang, Maha Alabduljalil, Xin Jin, Tao Yang 0009.
    Partitioned Similarity Search with Cache-Conscious Data Traversal.
    TKDD 2016, Volume 11 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xiaofeng Lu, Ruonan Zhang, Yuliang Zhou, Jiawei Liu, Xin Jin, Qi Guo, Chang Cao.
    Convolutional Modeling and Antenna De-Embedding for Wideband Spatial mmWave Channel Measurement.
    2017 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA, March 19-22, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Huaichao Wang, Kai Jiang, Xuequan Zhang, Haifeng Li, Xin Jin.
    A Robust Rectification Algorithm for the Vision Navigation System of the Planetary Rover.
    Transactions on Edutainment XIII 2017, Volume 10092 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yanwen Qin, Xin Jin, Yanqin Chen, Qionghai Dai.
    Enhanced depth estimation for hand-held light field cameras.
    2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA, March 5-9, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
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