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    First name: Xi S.
    Last name: Guo
    DBLP: 69/3824
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    Conference paper
    Christopher Dozier, Ravi Kondadadi, Khalid Al-Kofahi, Mark Chaudhary, Xi S. Guo.
    Fast tagging of medical terms in legal text.
    The Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, Proceedings of the Conference, June 4-8, 2007, Stanford Law School, Stanford, California, USA 2007 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Xi S. Guo, Mark Chaudhary, Christopher Dozier, Yohendran Arumainayagam, Venkatesan Subramanian.
    A Web Application using RDF/RDFS for Metadata Navigation.
    Proceeedings of the Workshop on NLP and XML: RDF/RDFS and OWL in Language Technology, NLPXML@ACL 2004, Barcelona, Spain, July 25, 2004 2004 (0) 2004
    Conference paper
    Jack G. Conrad, Xi S. Guo, Cindy P. Schriber.
    Online duplicate document detection: signature reliability in a dynamic retrieval environment.
    Proceedings of the 2003 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 2-8, 2003 2003 (0) 2003
    Conference paper
    Christopher Dozier, Peter Jackson, Xi S. Guo, Mark Chaudhary, Yohendran Arumainayagam.
    Creation of an Expert Witness Database Through Text Mining.
    ICAIL 2003 (0) 2003
    Conference paper
    Jack G. Conrad, Xi S. Guo, Peter Jackson, Monem Meziou.
    Database Selection Using Actual Physical and Acquired Logical Collection Resources in a Massive Domain-specific Operational Environment.
    VLDB 2002, Proceedings of 28th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 20-23, 2002, Hong Kong, China 2002 (0) 2002
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