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    First name: Amir
    Last name: Berrezag
    DBLP: 72/8269
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    Conference paper
    Amir Berrezag, Yon Visell, Vincent Hayward.
    Compressibility and Crushability Reproduction through an Amorphous Haptic Interface.
    Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication - International Conference, EuroHaptics 2012, Tampere, Finland, June 13-15, 2012 Proceedings, Part II 2012 (0) 2012
    Conference paper
    Rolf Nordahl, Amir Berrezag, Smilen Dimitrov, Luca Turchet, Vincent Hayward, Stefania Serafin.
    Preliminary Experiment Combining Virtual Reality Haptic Shoes and Audio Synthesis.
    Haptics: Generating and Perceiving Tangible Sensations, International Conference, EuroHaptics 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 8-10, 2010. Proceedings, Part II 2010 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Stefano Papetti, Federico Fontana, Marco Civolani, Amir Berrezag, Vincent Hayward.
    Audio-tactile Display of Ground Properties Using Interactive Shoes.
    Haptic and Audio Interaction Design - 5th International Workshop, HAID 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 16-17, 2010. Proceedings 2010 (0) 2010
    Conference paper
    Luca Turchet, Rolf Nordahl, Stefania Serafin, Amir Berrezag, Smilen Dimitrov, Vincent Hayward.
    Audio-haptic physically-based simulation of walking on different grounds.
    2010 IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, MMSP 2010, Saint Malo, France, October 4-6, 2010 2010 (0) 2010
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