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    First name: Kerstin
    Last name: Limbrecht
    DBLP: 82/9787
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    Conference paper
    Philipp Werner, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Kerstin Limbrecht, Steffen Walter 0001, Sascha Gruss, Harald C. Traue.
    Automatic Pain Assessment with Facial Activity Descriptors.
    IEEE Trans. Affective Computing 2017, Volume 8 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Ronald Böck, Kerstin Limbrecht, Ingo Siegert, Steffen Walter 0001, Andreas Wendemuth.
    Audio-Based Pre-classification for Semi-automatic Facial Expression Coding.
    Human-Computer Interaction. Towards Intelligent and Implicit Interaction - 15th International Conference, HCI International 2013, Las Vegas, NV, USA, July 21-26, 2013, Proceedings, Part V 2013 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Holger Hoffmann, Andreas Scheck, Timo Schuster, Steffen Walter 0001, Kerstin Limbrecht, Harald C. Traue, Henrik Kessler.
    Mapping discrete emotions into the dimensional space: An empirical approach.
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, SMC 2012, Seoul, Korea (South), October 14-17, 2012 2012 (0) 2012
    Conference paper
    Jun-Wen Tan, Adriano de Oliveira Andrade, Steffen Walter 0001, Hang Li, David Hrabal, Stefanie Rukavina, Kerstin Limbrecht, Harald C. Traue.
    On the use of instantaneous mean frequency estimated from the Hilbert spectrum of facial electromyography for differentiating core affects.
    5th International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, BMEI 2012, Chongqing, China, October 16-18, 2012 2012 (0) 2012
    Conference paper
    Steffen Walter, Stefan Scherer, Martin Schels, Michael Glodek, David Hrabal, Miriam Schmidt, Ronald Böck, Kerstin Limbrecht, Harald C. Traue, Friedhelm Schwenker.
    Multimodal Emotion Classification in Naturalistic User Behavior.
    Human-Computer Interaction. Towards Mobile and Intelligent Interaction Environments - 14th International Conference, HCI International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, July 9-14, 2011, Proceedings, Part III 2011 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Steffen Walter 0001, Cornelia Wendt, Kerstin Limbrecht, Sascha Gruss, Harald C. Traue.
    Comparison of subjectively experienced emotions and dispositions in man-machine and man-man scenarios.
    Informatik 2011: Informatik schafft Communities, Beiträge der 41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 4.-7.10.2011, Berlin, Deutschland (Abstract Proceedings) 2011 (0) 2011
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