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    First name: Zhe
    Last name: Zhang
    DBLP: 87/5809
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    Journal article
    Zhe Zhang, Urska Demsar, Shaowen Wang, Kirsi Virrantaus.
    A spatial fuzzy influence diagram for modelling spatial objects' dependencies: a case study on tree-related electric outages.
    International Journal of Geographical Information Science 2018, Volume 32 (0) 2018
    Journal article
    Xuesong Li, Xiaodong Ma, Lyu Li, Zhe Zhang, Xue Zhang, Yan Tong, Lihong Wang, Sen Song, Hua Guo.
    Dual-TRACER: High resolution fMRI with constrained evolution reconstruction.
    NeuroImage 2018, Volume 164 (0) 2018
    Conference paper
    Fredrik Lindberg, C. S. B. Grimmond, Andrew Gabey, Bei Huang, Christoph W. Kent, Ting Sun, Natalie E. Theeuwes, Leena Järvi, Helen C. Ward, I. Capel-Timms, Yuanyong Chang, Per Jonsson, Niklas Krave, Dongwei Liu, D. Meyer, K. Frans G. Olofson, Jianguo Tan, Dag Wästberg, Lingbo Xue, Zhe Zhang.
    Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP): An integrated tool for city-based climate services.
    Environmental Modelling and Software 2018, Volume 99 (0) 2018
    Journal article
    Feng Liu, Zhe Zhang, Xinmei Wang, Fenglan Sun.
    Stability and Synchronization Control of Fractional-Order Gene Regulatory Network System with Delay.
    JACIII 2017, Volume 21 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Shaoshan Liu, Jie Tang, Zhe Zhang, Jean-Luc Gaudiot.
    CAAD: Computer Architecture for Autonomous Driving.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Feng Liu, Xiang Yin, Zhe Zhang, Fenglan Sun.
    Stability and Neimark-Sacker Bifurcation Analysis in a Genetic Network with Delay.
    JACIII 2017, Volume 21 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Zhe Zhang, Brian Bockelman.
    Exploring compression techniques for ROOT IO.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Shaoshan Liu, Bolin Ding, Jie Tang, Dawei Sun, Zhe Zhang, Grace Tsai, Jean-Luc Gaudiot.
    Learn-Memorize-Recall-Reduce A Robotic Cloud Computing Paradigm.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Zhe Zhang, Brian Bockelman, Dale W. Carder, Todd Tannenbaum.
    Lark: An effective approach for software-defined networking in high throughput computing clusters.
    Future Generation Comp. Syst. 2017, Volume 72 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Yevgeniy Dodis, Jonathan Katz, John P. Steinberger, Aishwarya Thiruvengadam, Zhe Zhang.
    Provable Security of Substitution-Permutation Networks.
    IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2017, Volume 2017 (0) 2017
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