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    First name: Arindam
    Last name: Khan
    DBLP: 96/9083
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    Conference paper
    Nikhil Bansal, Arindam Khan.
    Improved Approximation Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Bin Packing.
    Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, SODA 2014, Portland, Oregon, USA, January 5-7, 2014 2014 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    Arindam Khan, Prasad Raghavendra.
    On mimicking networks representing minimum terminal cuts.
    Inf. Process. Lett. 2014, Volume 114 (0) 2014
    Conference paper
    A. Wakankar, Arindam Khan, G. Aravamuthan, A. K. Bhattacharjee.
    Experience with testing and rigorous program analysis for qualification of RTOS.
    6th India Software Engineering Conference, ISEC '13, New Delhi, India - February 21 - 23, 2013 2013 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Arindam Khan, Sudebkumar Prasant Pal, Mridul Aanjaneya, Arijit Bishnu, Subhas C. Nandy.
    Diffuse reflection diameter and radius for convex-quadrilateralizable polygons.
    Discrete Applied Mathematics 2013, Volume 161 (0) 2013
    Conference paper
    Arindam Khan, Prasad Raghavendra, Prasad Tetali, László A. Végh.
    On Mimicking Networks Representing Minimum Terminal Cuts
    CoRR 2012, Volume 0 (0) 2012
    Conference paper
    Vinayaka Pandit, Sreyash Kenkre, Arindam Khan.
    Discovering Bucket Orders from Data.
    Proceedings of the Eleventh SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, SDM 2011, April 28-30, 2011, Mesa, Arizona, USA 2011 (0) 2011
    Conference paper
    Rakeshbabu Bobba, Omid Fatemieh, Fariba Khan, Arindam Khan, Carl A. Gunter, Himanshu Khurana, Manoj Prabhakaran.
    Attribute-Based Messaging: Access Control and Confidentiality.
    ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur. 2010, Volume 13 (0) 2010
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