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    First name: Christian
    Last name: Fuchs
    DBLP: 97/4649
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    Conference paper
    Christian Fuchs, Eva Horak.
    Africa and the digital divide.
    Telematics and Informatics 2008, Volume 25 (0) 2008
    Conference paper
    Tongbo Chen, Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Christian Fuchs, Hans-Peter Seidel.
    Polarization and Phase-Shifting for 3D Scanning of Translucent Objects.
    2007 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2007), 18-23 June 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2007 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Christian Fuchs, Tongbo Chen, Michael Goesele, Holger Theisel, Hans-Peter Seidel.
    Density estimation for dynamic volumes.
    Computers Graphics 2007, Volume 31 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Christian Fuchs.
    Towards a dynamic theory of virtual communities.
    Int. J. Knowledge Learning 2007, Volume 3 (0) 2007
    Conference paper
    Christian Fuchs.
    Sustainability and the Information Society.
    Social Informatics: An Information Society for all? In Remembrance of Rob Kling - Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human Choice and Computers (HCC7), IFIP TC 9, Maribor, Slovenia, September 21-23, 2006 2006 (0) 2006
    Journal article
    Christian Fuchs.
    The Internet as a Self-Organizing Socio-Technological System.
    Cybernetics and Human Knowing 2005, Volume 12 (0) 2005
    Conference paper
    Michael Goesele, Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Jochen Lang, Christian Fuchs, Hans-Peter Seidel.
    DISCO: acquisition of translucent objects.
    ACM Trans. Graph. 2004, Volume 23 (0) 2004
    Journal article
    Christian Fuchs.
    The Role of the Individual in the Social Information Process.
    Entropy 2003, Volume 5 (0) 2003
    Conference paper
    Michael Goesele, Christian Fuchs, Hans-Peter Seidel.
    Accuracy of 3D Range Scanners by Measurement of the Slanted Edge Modulation Transfer Function.
    4th International Conference on 3D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM 2003), 6-10 October 2003, Banff, Canada 2003 (0) 2003
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