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    First name: Gencai
    Last name: Chen
    DBLP: 89/241
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    Journal article
    Ding Tu, Ling Chen, Xiaokang Yu, Gencai Chen.
    Semisupervised Prior Free Rare Category Detection With Mixed Criteria.
    IEEE Trans. Cybernetics 2018, Volume 48 (0) 2018
    Journal article
    Imran Memon, Ling Chen 0001, Qasim Ali Arain, Hina Memon, Gencai Chen.
    Pseudonym changing strategy with multiple mix zones for trajectory privacy protection in road networks.
    Int. J. Communication Systems 2018, Volume 31 (0) 2018
    Journal article
    Alin Fan, Ling Chen, Gencai Chen.
    A multi-view semi-supervised approach for task-level web search success evaluation.
    Inf. Sci. 2018, Volume 430 (0) 2018
    Conference paper
    Yuankai Ying, Ling Chen 0001, Gencai Chen.
    A temporal-aware POI recommendation system using context-aware tensor decomposition and weighted HITS.
    Neurocomputing 2017, Volume 242 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Chengwei Yao, Deng Cai, Jiajun Bu, Gencai Chen.
    Pre-training the deep generative models with adaptive hyperparameter optimization.
    Neurocomputing 2017, Volume 247 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Liangying Peng, Ling Chen 0001, Xiaojie Wu, Haodong Guo, Gencai Chen.
    Hierarchical Complex Activity Representation and Recognition Using Topic Model and Classifier Level Fusion.
    IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering 2017, Volume 64 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Zhenxing Xu, Ling Chen 0001, Yimeng Dai, Gencai Chen.
    A Dynamic Topic Model and Matrix Factorization-Based Travel Recommendation Method Exploiting Ubiquitous Data.
    IEEE Trans. Multimedia 2017, Volume 19 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Ling Chen 0001, Liwen Wang, WeiKai Huang, Gencai Chen.
    A Comparative Study of Map Exploration Interfaces for Multi-Touch Tabletops.
    Int. J. Hum. Comput. Interaction 2017, Volume 33 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xiaojie Wu, Ling Chen 0001, Mingqi Lv, Mingrui Han, Gencai Chen.
    Cost-Sensitive Semi-Supervised Personalized Semantic Place Label Recognition Using Multi-Context Data.
    IMWUT 2017, Volume 1 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Miaomiao Dong, Ling Chen 0001, Liwen Wang, Xianta Jiang, Gencai Chen.
    Uncertainty Visualization for Mobile and Wearable Devices Based Activity Recognition Systems.
    Int. J. Hum. Comput. Interaction 2017, Volume 33 (0) 2017
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