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    First name: Divesh
    Last name: Srivastava
    Company: AT&T Labs-Research
    DBLP: s/DiveshSrivastava
    Rating: (6)

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    Conference paper
    Carlos Ordonez 0001, Theodore Johnson, Divesh Srivastava, Simon Urbanek.
    A Tool for Statistical Analysis on Network Big Data.
    28th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA 2017 Workshops, Lyon, France, August 28-31, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Xi He, Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Cheryl J. Flynn, Divesh Srivastava.
    Composing Differential Privacy and Secure Computation: A Case Study on Scaling Private Record Linkage.
    Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2017, Dallas, TX, USA, October 30 - November 03, 2017 2017 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Graham Cormode, Tejas Kulkarni, Divesh Srivastava.
    Constrained Differential Privacy for Count Data.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Journal article
    Tejas Kulkarni, Graham Cormode, Divesh Srivastava.
    Marginal Release Under Local Differential Privacy.
    CoRR 2017, Volume 0 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Jun Zhang, Graham Cormode, Cecilia M. Procopiuc, Divesh Srivastava, Xiaokui Xiao.
    PrivBayes: Private Data Release via Bayesian Networks.
    ACM Trans. Database Syst. 2017, Volume 42 (0) 2017
    Conference paper
    Donatella Firmani, Barna Saha, Divesh Srivastava.
    Online Entity Resolution Using and Oracle.
    PVLDB 2015, Volume 9 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Theodoros Rekatsinas, Amol Deshpande, Xin Dong 0001, Lise Getoor, Divesh Srivastava.
    SourceSight: Enabling Effective Source Selection.
    Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD Conference 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, June 26 - July 01, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Shazia Wasim Sadiq, Divesh Srivastava.
    Letter from the Special Issue Editors.
    IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 2016, Volume 39 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    Tamraparni Dasu, Rong Duan, Divesh Srivastava.
    Data Quality for Temporal Streams.
    IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 2016, Volume 39 (0) 2016
    Conference paper
    HongYun Cai, Zi Huang, Divesh Srivastava, Qing Zhang.
    Indexing evolving events from tweet streams.
    32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2016, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-20, 2016 2016 (0) 2016
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