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    First name: Mohammad Umar
    Last name: Siddiqi
    DBLP: s/MUSiddiqi
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    Journal article
    Nashrul Hakiem, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi, Hashum Mohamed Rafiq.
    Simulation Study of a Many-to-One Mapping for IPv6 Address Owner Identification in an Enterprise Local Area Network.
    I. J. Network Security 2015, Volume 17 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Sana Qadir, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi, Wajdi F. M. Al-Khateeb.
    Analysing and Improving Performance and Security of Cryptographically Generated Address Algorithm for Mobile IPv6 Networks.
    I. J. Network Security 2015, Volume 17 (0) 2015
    Conference paper
    Vik Tor Goh, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    Multiple error detection and correction based on redundant residue number systems.
    IEEE Transactions on Communications 2008, Volume 56 (0) 2008
    Journal article
    K. Ramasamy, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi, Mohamad Yusoff Alias.
    Performance of JPEG Image Transmission Using Proposed Asymmetric Turbo Code.
    Euras. J. Adv. Sig. Proc. 2007, Volume 2007 (0) 2007
    Journal article
    Win Aye, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    Key Management for Secure Multicast over IPv6 Wireless Networks.
    EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking 2006, Volume 2006 (0) 2006
    Journal article
    K. Ramasamy, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi, Mohamad Yusoff Alias, A. Arunagiri.
    Performance comparison of convolutional and block turbo codes.
    IEICE Electronic Express 2006, Volume 3 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Win Aye, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    ESKD: An Efficient and Scalable Key Distribution Scheme for Secure Group Communication.
    Fifth International Conference on Networking and the International Conference on Systems (ICN / ICONS / MCL 2006), 23-29 April 2006, Mauritius 2006 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Raphael C.-W. Phan, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    A Framework for Describing Block Cipher Cryptanalysis.
    IEEE Trans. Computers 2006, Volume 55 (0) 2006
    Conference paper
    Arastoo Rostami-Ravarai, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, S. S. Jamuar, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    Geometrically-based space-time deterministic mutipath fading channel model with application to spatial correlation verification of multi-antenna systems.
    13th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2005, Antalya, Turkey, September 4-8, 2005 2005 (0) 2005
    Conference paper
    Bok-Min Goi, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi.
    Cryptanalysis of a Generalized Anonymous Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol of IWDW 2004.
    Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing - EUC 2005 Workshops, EUC 2005 Workshops: UISW, NCUS, SecUbiq, USN, and TAUES, Nagasaki, Japan, December 6-9, 2005, Proceedings 2005 (0) 2005
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