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E-learning in Saudi Arabia

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    Title: E-learning in Saudi Arabia
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    Date: 2016
    Publication type: Technical report
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    1. E-Learning; Mathematics Education
    2. Saudi Primary School

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    E‐learning and Distance Education Deanship, Umm Al‐Qura University/Assistant Proffesor


    The effects of teaching mathematics by e-learning on students’ performance in Saudi primary schools are inspiring signs for Saudi educational reforms. Due to the gender segregration in Saudi education, this paper was conducted in schools for girls. A totacl of 48 female students voluntarily participated from two primary schools- one public and one private. Students were assigned to experimental groups. They were taught mathematics by e-learning over a 13 week period. Interviews were conducted with students. The qualitative results indicated that students supported the new method of teaching mathematics. Several obstacles, advantages and disadvantages were reported as well. This finding supports the value of e-learning pedagogy as a significant tool for improving mathematics education in Saudi Arabia.