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Learning Science through Research

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    Title: Learning Science through Research
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    Date: 2016
    Publication type: Technical report
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    University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory Cambridge, MD, USA


    Abstract- The Learning Science through Research program enhanced middle and high school science education by linking it with state-of-the-art research through a two-part program. The program’s professional development workshops for secondary science teachers provided background information on ocean sciences and related research through a 3-day summer workshop and a 1-day workshop, which directly addressed the student research experience. The program’s second component, the student lessons, included pre-and post-trip classroom activities and a field trip to our research facility. This research experience provided students with the opportunity to conduct experiments using first-rate instrumentation and technology. The program engaged over 2500 students in the process of inquiry by conducting research activities related to locally relevant coastal ocean environmental problems.